Month: September 2017

A Resolution for the Dog Days

By VICTORIA CHUNG From 104° to 107° to 114°. the blistering hot weather that is cooking Redlands alive in the Inland Empire is brutal. You know it’s hot when the only thing you see on everyone’s Snapchat stories is a black screen with the weather displayed–usually decorated with […]

Orchestrating a masterpiece

By NYLA JAFRI Everyone has listened to music almost every day of one’s life, whether it is the background music in an Instagram tutorial, a party, or maybe even by going to a concert. However, at Redlands East Valley High School, a certain number people happen to play […]

Introducing Mental STEMulation

Mental STEMulation By WILLIE MALVEAUX, STEM Editor Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Ipsa scientia potestas est,” or if you don’t speak Latin, “Knowledge itself is power.” Money is power, and time is money. Money, time, and knowledge are all the same, and linked by power. Statistics show that […]

The REV WAY begins with respect

REV WAY By MIA DELMONICO, Features Editor Respect: A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. This simple word contains the power to change people’s lives. This word is the primary quality that the REV Way, the new set of standards […]

A poem: Shoulders

By ZOË MYERS Shoulders Something magnificent catches my eye Glistening in the distance I am suddenly overwhelmed. Frozen. It consumes me I can no longer accumulate my thoughts. I am fixated on them. They are beautiful, fascinating Shoulders I come back to my senses How dare she expose […]

Summer trends re-imagine classic looks

By ALEX PLASENCIA Embroidery: A beautiful detail to accentuate tops, shoes, jeans, and even backpacks, embroidery of all kinds has become the latest craze of the summer. Ranging from pearls and diamonds to hand-stitched flowers and intricate stitches of different designs, embroidery adds the perfect amount of simplistic beauty […]