Cameron Kroetz, class of 2017

Cameron Kroetz was a freelancer, writer, and news editor for Ethic News. He was involved in the marching band and music program more generally all four years of my time at Redlands East Valley High School. He held various leadership positions in both the marching band and the REV Wind Ensemble. He also managed the swim team his junior year. He says that, “Ethic really improved my writing ability as well as my capacity for understanding the nuances of journalism, especially political journalism.”

In 2020, he graduated from Montana State University with a BA in Political Science and minors in History and Anthropology. He then went on to conduct opposition research for the Montana Democratic Party in the 2020 Montana Senate Election. After the campaign ended, he attended graduate school at the University of Arizona and graduated with his MA in International Security Studies in December of 2021.

He says, “Journalism not only allows you to improve yourself, but also contribute something to your community.”

As for digital journalism via Telepresence, he says that “the biggest benefit is the connection between schools that probably wasn’t possible before we had that technology. Being able to have a district-wide online newspaper is truly amazing.”

Last updated 2022

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