Column: Just speaking my truth, Lessons I’ve Learned in High School

Lessons I’ve Learned in High School


As I approach what is commonly considered the end of childhood, it’s inevitable that I’ll  look back on my past four years at Citrus Valley. I’ve learned a lot, not just academically, but about myself. I realize I had a lot of misconceptions about a lot of different things. I’d like to take the time to explore and explain some of those things to my younger self in my last column as Editor in Chief of  Ethic News.

Procrastination: You’ll never quite get over this one. In fact, you’ll get worse. I’m not just talking about homework. Things get hard, and sometimes you’ll be in rough situations that you’d really feel better off ignoring for the time being. But some things can’t wait forever, and opportunities will pass you by time and time again if they’re not taken care of promptly.

Friendships: Truthfully the ones you make at this point in your life may not be the long lasting type, but that’s okay. What’s important is that you give your all in these friendships, but if the other person doesn’t want to do the same it’s okay to walk away. You’re worth a lot more than one sided relationships. And sometimes people may hurt you unintentionally or otherwise, but that has nothing to do with you. You’ll have no regrets if you know that you did all that you could.

Respect: Everyone is worthy of it, even if they don’t give it back to you. Your teacher’s deserve it, staff members deserve it, and your peers deserve it. This is not only with words, but also your actions: raising your hand in class, going to the attendance office when you’re late like security asks, or something simple like holding the door open for another student.
This is something you’ll fail at in many ways, but it is always something to strive for.

Compassion: Sometimes your teacher might be having a bad day and it can feel personal when they take it out on you, or a student may be having a hard time at home, and didn’t get their part of the assignment done and you didn’t know. A lot of the times there is no possible way that you could have known these things, but to at least imagine yourself in their situation is a good start.

Gratefulness: For your teachers, your friends, another day that you get to be alive. It’s easy to lose sight of all the things you have and focus on what you don’t. It’s really no way to live, and you could only end up hurting others and yourself if you don’t recognize this. Things may seem hard, but trust me when I say they get easier.

Self Love: This will be a constant battle for the rest of your life most likely. It’s no fun when you don’t exactly like what you see in the mirror, or you can’t stop thinking about that dumb joke you told that no one laughed at. But truly loving others comes from within. You are strong, intelligent, and capable. Another person’s version of success does not have to be yours and that’s perfectly okay. Comparing yourself to others is no use as we all created to be unique.

Highs school is an important time for everyone. I’ll always be thankful to Citrus Valley and Ethic News in particular for being the best place for me to spread my wings.

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