Rotary Youth Leadership Awards teach students about service

By CAROLINA SANCHEZOn the weekend of April 7-9 was the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. The name may be misleading because there was not an awards ceremony, but instead a three day long camp filled with juniors from all over Southern California.
The camp consisted of groups of 6-9 students paired with one discussion group leader, or DGL for short, who would eat together, compete in challenges, and talk with each other. While this sounds like any other camp it is not. Each day was filled with motivational talks that were followed up with group discussions with the smaller groups. The topics ranged from how to be a good leader, to how to recognize and respond to bullying. Each camper was encouraged to expand their comfort zone.
This lead to students discussing things that never get talked about. This intimacy lead to the small groups becoming more than friends from camp, but family. That is what makes this camp so unique.
And because it was hosted by Rotary there were community service operations. The camp made about 1,000 bags of meals for people in need. The one held in April is also the largest in the country that is held with only volunteers on the staff and is hosted by Rotary 5330.

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