Citrus Valley juniors become finalists for the Youth Citizenship Seminar


​The Youth Citizenship Seminar is a program designed to enhance the leadership qualities of the youth in the upcoming college bound direction.One of the perks are having the chance to speak “one-on-one communication with world renowned speakers and leaders from all walks of life” according to the Pepperdine University’s website. The YCS Program offers an opportunity for additional personal growth in hopes of returning that growth to their own community. Two out of Citrus Valley’s four nominees became the finalists, Bailee Kimery and Ryan Burton. Bailee Kimery was able to answer a few questions regarding the youth citizen seminar program.

What do you hope to gain from the experience ?
I would like to personally grow since the program emphasizes growth in communicative abilities  and expression, encouraging students to put dreams to action

How will it benefit the community and your future?
This would benefit those around me since the conference aims to shape leadership qualities in people, crafting those who attend into the leaders of tomorrow

How did you get in?
I got in through a selective process.. first my teacher nominated me, then I applied and submitted an application answering questions to school. Then the staff at CV chose the 4 best students of those who were recommended. Then the remaining 4 sent in a long application to Pepperdine who chose the two finalists (Ryan and I)

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