Crafton Hills rock musical collaboration with Redlands Unified

REV senior Rebecca Maybrier stars as “Anna” in the Crafton
Hills College rock musical,  Spring Awakening


Spring Awakening, a rock musical by Steven Sater, was recently performed by Crafton Hills College’s on April 15 and 16. Although it was performed by Crafton students, due to the dual-enrollment program that RUSD schools has with the community colleges, students that are enrolled in the theater classes had the opportunity to audition for the play.

REV Senior Rebecca Maybrier learned about the show through her sister and made the show as the character Anna. Although Maybrier was working with people all older than her, her favorite part was “being able to work with seasoned actors and feel[ing] like [she] was part of something important.”

Spring Awakening is an important piece. It deals with the teenage psyche and the pressures of school, family, and one’s self. Not only does it blast the content in your face with provocative songs, but it also artfully covers the true struggles of mental illness.

Maybrier says that the show was important to her because even though the play takes place in late 19th century Germany, “there are copious messages that are still relevant in everyday life such as the lack of sexual education, lack of interest in mental illness, and the overall ill treatment towards negative opinion of the youth.”  

While the showing of Spring Awakening has concluded, make sure to watch for Crafton Hill College’s further productions!

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