Column: Here’s the thing

Dear  Non-car Enthusiats’

​BY DAVID MIKHAILDear non-car enthusiasts,
I write to you as a huge petrol head and car enthusiast to enlighten you on why I, and many other people, like cars.
First let me address the reason why, in most cases, people don’t like cars. That is because they see cars simply as a means of transportation, as one and a half or two tons of metal, wire, rubber, and glass. That is all they see.
While that is true, cars are much more than that for me. To describe how I feel about cars, I can find no better statement than that of Jeremy Clarkson: “We have an unshakable belief that cars are living entities. You can develop a relationship with a car. And that’s just what non-car people don’t get.”
Cars come in many different shapes and forms, and each form is unique. Each form is as specialized as a surgeon’s tool. Let me demonstrate. Two of the major supercar manufacturers are Porsche and Ferrari. While both are very capable well engineered cars, the Porsche is more about clever engineering, and the Ferrari is more about passion and emotions. Some cars are made for racing, for example Formula 1 or Rally. Some cars are made for practicality and speed, such as the Audi RS7; some are built for speed and for the environment such as the BMW i8; some cars are made for offroading, such as the Range Rover; some cars are built for offroading and speed, such as the BMW MX5; some cars are muscle cars which are built for fun and the list continue on.
In addition to the different types and styles, cars have different personalities. Certain traits, that make each car distinctive from the others; they come in different flavors. Some of them produce all their power at a very early stage in the RPM (Revolution of Engine per Minute) range, while others produce the power at very high RPMs. Some have a very broad power band, while others have a very small one. To translate the gibberish into English, the engine produces its maximum power for a lot longer. In addition, cars exhaust notes vary from to the other. The difference extends to steering feel, transmission, and the tires. That means that every nut and bolt work together to create cars personalities that are unique to them. That then makes the tons of glass, metal, and rubber turn into a friend who serves you well when you need it.

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