Foreign exchange student from Italy, Margherita Brunelli at Citrus Valley High School



Margherita Brunelli is a foreign exchange student here at Citrus Valley High School. She is originally from Brescia, Italy and has come to America to be a student for a school year.

Back home Margherita is an only child but here she is sibling to her house sister Jasmine Alexander, a senior at CV.

When asked why she chose to come to America she said, “I visited America a couple times before when I was younger, and I loved it. The people were so nice and the place was beautiful. It became my dream to live here, so I took the opportunity to do so.”

Outside of school, Margherita likes hanging out with friends, being with her host family, and going to go get Starbucks. She isn’t involved in extracurriculars at CV, mainly because she wanted to focus more on learning the English language.

Margherita’s favorite thing about CV is all the extra activities the school has to offer such as school dances, rallies, and sporting events.The biggest differences she has seen about America and Italy is that America is very dependent on cars. She says, “Everything is a walking distance in Italy, it makes it easier to hang out with people, here you need a car to take from place to place.”  

Margherita will return back to Italy in June and she said she would cherish this experience and that she will also miss all the friends she has made this past school and thanks her host family for taking care of her.

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