Ethnic Studies students offer before and after perspective



Ethnic Studies is a class that explores the role and contributions of various groups and social movements and how they contribute to American society and culture. The class is taught by Mr.Duan Kellum at Redlands East Valley High School. The mission of the class is for students to gain a broader knowledge of themselves and others. We asked five students who are enrolled in the class and asked them a few questions.

What were your expectations before you started the class?
Tony Roth: I expected to learn a lot about other cultures and groups of people.
Zaina Issi: I expected to learn about different cultures and to just become more educated.
Dawan Turner: To learn about different cultures.
Liberty Williams: I expected to learn things about cultures all around the world and people.
Susana Flores: I would learn something about the world.

What was one of the main things you learned from the class?
Susana F.: That everyone thinks differently and has their own struggles.
Tony R: Not to judge a book by its cover, also about the Sikhs and Muslim civil rights movements, which really opened my mind.
Zaina I: I learned way more about Sikh people which was pretty cool.
Dawan T: That every race goes through the same thing in pain and suffering.
Liberty W: That everybody is equal and we may treat people differently but in the end we are all the same.

How would you compare your expectations versus your experience in the class?
Susana F: They were pretty similar
Tony R: I honestly did not expect much from the class, I knew I was going to learn a lot of stuff but did not know I would get so involved in it and I definitely would take it again if I could.
Zania I: I feel like my expectations were really low compared to my experience in the class, because I really enjoyed the class and the topics that we learned.
Dawan T: They were the same.
Liberty W: I had expected less than what I actually got out of it, walking into the class I expected to learn about general ideas about people and cultures but I experienced more detailed ideas and cultures.
While taking the class did your opinion on any social issues change?
Susana F: No, because I had the same mindset when I walked in the class.
Tony R: I had always been an open minded person so my view points did not really change.
Zania I: I changed my opinion on a lot of civil rights issues because I learned a lot more and had a better insight.
Dawan T: Yes, I learned more about the Muslim culture.
Liberty W: My views stayed the same throughout the class.

Would you recommend students to take this class?
Susana F:Yes, because it’s a pretty fun class and it is really interesting to learn new stuff
Tony R: Definitely, loved it.
Zania I: Yes definitely.
Dawan T: Yes, it’s a fun class where you can learn about different cultures.
Liberty W:Yes, you will get a lot out of it.

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