These Two Weeks in History

March 21, 1933: Hitler, Goering, Prince Ruprecht, Bruning & top army meet in Berlin
March 22, 1790:
Thomas Jefferson becomes the 1st US Secretary of State under President Washington

March 23, 1775:
Patrick Henry proclaims “Give me liberty or give me death” in speech in favour of Virginian troops joining US Revolutionary war
March 24, 1832: Mormon Joseph Smith beaten, tarred & feathered in Ohio
March 25, 1776:
Continental Congress authorized a medal for George Washington

March 26, 1942:
German offensive in North Africa under General Erwin Rommel

March 27, 1855:
Abraham Gesner patents kerosene

March 28, 1933:
German Reichstag confers dictatorial powers on Hitler

March 29, 1848:
Niagara Falls stops flowing for 30 hours due to an ice jam

March 30, 1953:
Albert Einstein announces revised unified field theory

March 31, 1889:
Eiffel Tower officially opens in Paris. Built for the Exposition Universelle, at 300m high it retains the record for the tallest man made structure for 41 years.

April 1, 1924:
Hitler sentenced to 5 years labor but Gen Ludendorff acquitted

April 2, 1866:
US President Andrew Johnson ends civil war in Ala, Ark, Fla, Ga, Miss, La, NC, SC, Tn & Va

April 3, 1776
: George Washington receives honorary Ll.D. degree from Harvard College

April 4, 1841:
Vice President John Tyler becomes the 10th President of the United States after the death of President William Henry Harrison

April 5, 1792:
George Washington casts 1st presidential veto

April 6, 1830:
Joseph Smith & 5 others organize Mormon church in Seneca Co, NY
April 7, 1954: US President Dwight D. Eisenhower in news conference is first to voice fear of a “domino-effect” of communism in Indo-China

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