REV Badminton Loses to RHS


On Mon., March 27th, Redlands East Valley High School’s Co-Ed Badminton team faced off against Redlands High School in one of two rival matchups of the season. The REV students were excused from class at 1:30 in order to board the bus and travel to RHS. They arrived early and were given an opportunity to warm up before the match started.

Once the RHS team was completely present, the players were seated and coaches clarified the rules and regulations while letting players know who they would be facing and what court they would be playing on. The match started off with a mixed doubles win for REV from Hannah Washburn and Matthew Mikhailov, and a loss for REV from Justin Lee and Alexus Rauch. From there on, the rest of the games were played at different times with a large amount of spectators crammed into the RHS gym, all watching different games.

RHS ended up winning with a total of 14 won matches to REV’s 7 won matches. They will play again later on in the season at REV, and REV looks to imitate the last season record by winning the home matchup in order to have one win and one loss against RHS before playoffs.

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