Logan: An action packed and amazing movie



Logan is Marvel’s latest and last Wolverine movie of three
which differs from the others with an R-rating. This movie is a dark drama and approaches this long time X-Men hero in a different light. Logan is set in 2029 and many of the X-men are now gone and the main plot of the story is Wolverine and Professor X also known Charles Xavier have to transport this girl Laura Kinney who is also known X-23 the attempt for a genetic copy for weapon X or also known as wolverine. There is a common theme of hopelessness throughout the movie as the characters are often put in very desperate situations. This is especially shown through the pains which wolverine must deal with it is because he is much older and he feels like he is on his own. Hugh Jackman was absolutely wonderful in portraying this broken and hurt Wolverine attempt to overcome all adversities placed in his path.

The first act mostly consists of the introduction of characters but it is the second act which was used for character growth and the growing bond between Wolverine and X-23. This movie differs from most X-men movies it is much more somber, deep and personal character story. Though there is no doubt this is not an R-rating with the gritty and bloody action scenes with Wolverine and even X-23. The movie stays mostly true to the comics and any changes are not very major and they work for the story. The pacing of the movie can occasionally get off track but overall it is an excellently told dramatic story. The acting for all roles was excellent even the young actress Dafne Keen who plays X-23.

Logan is definitely an amazing movie and a must see for any superhero fan, but it must be made clear this is an R-rated movie. Wolverine is bloody. He is impaling people and cutting off limbs. This was a great movie and arguably one of the best marvel movies and maybe one of the best that will come out in 2017.   

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