Fun Facts about Easter 


Easter has been celebrated by millions of people around the world and is a time where families gather together and children go on the hunt for plastic pastel colored eggs stuffed with candy. Here are some fun Easter Facts that you may have not known about. From Easters origin to different cultural ties 
1) Decorating Easter eggs was a symbol of the empty tomb. This tradition is called Pysanka. It was originated from the Ukraine.
2)Wearing new clothes on Easter is considered lucky.
3)Approximately $14.7 billion is spent every year on Easter just in the United States.
4)120 million pounds of candy are sold at Easter.
5)About 90 million chocolate candy bunnies are sold during Easter
6)Eggs were originally dyed with natural items such as onion peels, tree bark, flower petals,and juices.
7)“The White House Easter Egg Roll” has been celebrated since 1878
8)The term Easter comes from the name of the goddess Eostre which means the hare and the egg.
9)More than 700 million peeps are bought during Easter.
10)The idea of the easter bunny hiding eggs and candy for young children to find originally started in Germany during the middle ages.

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