CV students connect through synergy


​On Thursday,March 31 Citrus Valley High School Link Crew hosted their fifth synergy which is a student run event, and a place where students have the chance talk to each other on a personal level. To get comfortable with each other, the morning started off by some ice breaker games which were later followed by four speakers telling their “balloon story”. A balloon story is when the speaker talks about an obstacle they had to face at some point in their lives, and how they overcame it. After the speakers told their balloon story, students got into their family groups and each told their own personal story. The last game that was played for the day was “cross the line”; this is where someone would read a statement and if it applied to you, you would cross the line. Towards the end of the day students and teachers had the opportunity to share their experience and how it made them feel. 

Synergy is a great place to give people a real chance to talk to someone face to face and listen to them. In today’s society it’s hard to actually have a decent conversation without someone being distracted on their phone. It allowed us to come together as a big group talk to each without a screen hiding our faces. All the stories that were shared that day were important no matter how big or small they were. I walked in not thinking that it would have such a big impact on me but it did. Knowing that people have gone through what I did made me realize no one is alone, even if they think they are; everyone has gone through some hard things in their lives that can damage them completely. I learned that whatever you are going through, no matter how hard it may be in the moment there is always someone to talk to. This experience is something that will always have a huge impact on me because it showed me to always be kind to people even if you don’t know them. Everyone is going through something and we may not always know exactly what it is, just a simple smile in the hallway can make someone’s day. 

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