Citrus Valley moves towards traditional schedule

CV poll results


Recently the student body of Citrus Valley High School has been made aware of the upcoming schedule change for the 2017-2018 school year. Instead of maintaining the current block schedule with the inclusion of SOAR, CV will switch to a regular 1-6 day much like Redlands High School. While this has been a long time coming, many students were shocked and confused by the change either pleasantly or negatively. A poll was carried out directed at  over 500 10th and 11th grade students as they will be the most effected by it. Ethic News has reached out to Citrus administrator Mrs. Bruce for comment on the news, with results of the survey below :

“Change is inevitable in our lives.  Look how much things have changed since our school opened…Instagram wasn’t created yet.  Neither was Pinterest or Snapchat.   Facebook was still new and didn’t have a Like button…now there are 1.3 BILLION Likes on Facebook every day.  There was no such thing as an ipad, hoverboard, or Apple Watch.  There were no self-driving cars or trucks and Uber was created a few months before our school opened.

We are in a different time and our students’ futures have changed and will continue to change drastically.  Our staff is dedicated to providing our students the very best education possible and to that end, we must continually reflect on our practice and decide if changes are necessary to keep up with the changes our students will encounter in their future. When our founding staff members planned for the opening of Citrus Valley High School, a Block Schedule was selected to best suit the needs of our students and the state accountability system at that time.

We looked at research, other successful schools, and many different schedules and identified a revised bell schedule. Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, Citrus Valley will be changing to a bell schedule that allows for students to attend all six periods every day.  We even dream for a time when our students can take more than six classes so they won’t have to make tough choices about what they can fit in their six period day.

It is our intent to prepare our students for life beyond high school and to thrive in their future endeavors.  We will continue to assess this new schedule to ensure it meets the needs of our students and allow for their success.

Thank you for your dedication to your education as we work together to provide an outstanding high school experience for every student.”

Rhonda Bruce
Citrus Valley High School

                                                                                 Poll Results: Please note the results of this poll will not have any effect on new schedule.

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