Beauty and The Beast illuminates theaters as live-action film


Disney has once again captured the hearts of the new generation while  maintaining the magic and the classic moments from the original movie. The new trend of Disney recreating classic movies with live-action, Cinderella, Maleficent, and The Jungle Book, brings you another classic, Beauty and the Beast. This is a story of Belle, a beautiful, smart, and brave girl, who agrees to take her father’s place as prisoner of the heartless beast in the forgotten castle. As she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and immerse herself in the castle’s magic, she starts to pass the beast’s monstrous appearance that at first scared her. Recognizing the beast’s true kind heart and soul, and in return the Beast finally learns how to love.

Although there were some changes from the original movie, it doesn’t jeopardise the story line or the movie magic. Beauty and the Beast adds more background and character exploration to the main characters which brings more life and detail to the movie. The enchanted staff look slightly more illuminated than the original however still remain their unforgettable characteristics. The music composed by Alan Menken goes beautifully with the movie, and the soundtrack out to buy. Emma Watson, famous for Hermione from the Harry Potter series, shows perfectly of Belle’s bravery and kindness while singing amazingly like the original movie. The only disappointing scene was the fighting scene between Gaston and the Beast as Gaston uses a modern weapon, a gun, to battle the Beast, and is not as dramatised like the original movie.

This movie doesn’t seem to die down as it about to receive $400 million in domestic gross which is more than Frozen. So be our guest, enjoy the movie, and travel back to 1991.

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