Where did you go over spring break and what did you like? 

Kimy Le 12th
I went to Japan. My favorite place was the Shibuya crossing because I got to visit the Hachiko statue and also got to cross one of the most famous intersections in the war

Emma Maloney 11th grade
“We went to Madrid Sevilla and Costa Del Sol and my favorite was being able to experience a different country with my friends.”  

Jenna Valencia 12th
Over spring break I went to five countries in Europe which were London England, Barcelona Spain, Paris France, Lisbon Portugal and Amsterdam Netherlands. I don’t really have a favorite because they were all very different and I enjoyed every place but the two places that I liked most were Amsterdam and Spain. I like Amsterdam because the vibe is so laid back and it is so pretty with canals everywhere. I also likes how fashionable everybody was there. I also really likes Barcelona because it is so different than anywhere I have been. The allies where all the shops were, are where all the locals have little bakery’s and family owned businesses which was very cool too see. Everything in Spain was so beautiful and all the buildings were so unique and the architecture was amazing and very detailed.


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