King Kong: Skull Island Hits The Big Screen

The return of King Kong to the silver screen was March 10. His comeback is part of the cinematic world being built starting with  2015’s Godzilla. But this new, bigger version of the long time movie monster stands by itself. As per usual Kong brings a show that can not be matched. The star studded cast does an amazing job of bringing Skull Island’s fears to the audience but Kong steals the show in every frame that he is in.

 Manohla Dargis from the New York Times writes that “Skull Island deploys action-movie feints and horror-film frights capably amid its clichés and deaths.” This also goes with the Apocalypse Now shots that bookend the time on Skull Island. It is not only a monster movie but also a beautiful story of a long lost soldier. If King Kong, monsters, and action sit in your cup of tea go see King Kong: Skull Island.  
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