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Column: Just Speaking My Truth

One a Day


​It is common for everyone to get self-conscious from time to time. Whether it’s because of an outfit they’re wearing for the first time, or a new haircut; we, as humans, can’t help but want to seek some form of validation from one another. While the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is common, it’s something that’s hard to actually put into practice in daily interaction. In the age of social media where only one side of a person is showcased either through a picture, a status, or through a six second clip, this principle is especially hard to live by. 
The internet allows people to live that fantasy of being a better version of themselves. They get the chance to photoshop themselves before anyone else can see them, they can say things they wouldn’t in real life, and get complimented by random strangers with a ‘like’ when they happened to scroll past. It’s everything a person could want, but in the end it lacks the sincerity of face to face interaction. 

I can’t count on my hand how many times I’ve wished I could re-invent myself to be more, something other than who I really was behind the screen. On the popular MTV show called Catfish, the hosts are tasked to find people who do just that. These people weave a tapestry of an alternate world where they are everything they wanted to be and more, dragging someone honest and hopeful into that other dimension with them. So when it all unravels they are left with nothing but string-tangled in knots both parties end up hurting. When most people reveal why they decided to catfish someone, it is almost always because they felt insecure with who they really were. Now the average person isn’t going around catfishing people to deal with their problems, but they could still be using the internet as a crutch. 

If you’ve ever volunteered in any way, you know the look on a person’s face as you give to them makes you feel good in turn. This can be applied to giving, as opposed to receiving, compliments. I realized when I would compliment on something about another person, it would makes me happier in turn. Last month, I decided to compliment one person a day which has not only improved the way I view others but the way I view myself. Seeing a person smile due to a little burst of confidence is priceless. 

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