AAA Academy Offers Summer School Options


Students from Redlands East Valley High School, Citrus Valley High School, or Redlands High School can start signing up for the Redlands Unified School District summer school opportunity, AAA Academy. AAA Academy is available to all Redlands Unified School District students who have completed Grade 8 or above. Registration began on Wednesday, March 1 and will continue until July 5.

If students don’t sign up before April 1, late fees will apply and additional late fees will apply for any sign ups from May 1 to July 5. They go based on a first-come first-serve basis, therefore it is recommended to sign up as soon as possible if students want a spot. Registration is available online on AAA Academy’s website, which is and can be found under the “Registration” link. If internet is not available, walk-in sign ups are possible with an appointment at the AAA Academy office, which is located at the Redlands Unified School District on 20 W Lugonia Avenue.

Tuition is $245 per semester, as well as a $25 registration fee for each semester. This year, AAA Academy will be hosted by Citrus Valley High School, located on 800 W Pioneer Avenue in Redlands. The first semester of AAA Academy will progress from June 14 to June 30, and the second semester July 5 to July 21. Classes will be taught by certified teachers in the Redlands district and surrounding districts as well. All classes begin at 7:30 AM and end at 12:10 PM. There is also a limited amount of need-based scholarships, which are only available to students who also receive free or reduced lunch.

​Applications are available via the AAA Academy website and can be submitted to the office no later than Friday, March 10 at 4 PM. There is still a $25 registration fee for students applying for need-based scholarships. AAA Academy courses give the same amount of credit as taking a normal class during the school year would. More information is available at

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