REV’s Sergio Hipolito Commits to Hilo


Redlands East Valley soccer player Sergio Hipolito committed to University of Hawaii at Hilo with a full ride scholarship. Sergio is also known as Checkito or Checko from many family members and friends. He has been playing soccer with his grandpa’s team since the age of five. Sergio has been playing soccer at REV since freshman year and was put on the varsity team from his sophomore year all the way to his senior year. Sergio states that his family, and his parents especially, have been his biggest supporters throughout his soccer career since he was a young boy. His dream was always to have been able to play on a division one or two soccer team, and being in Hawaii is a nice bonus to him. He feels like it’s a dream come true that he gets to commit to a school where he can play soccer and get an education all in one. Sergio exclaims “I’m most excited about going to Hilo and getting ready for the season.” Sergio Hipolito will be the third Redlands East Valley soccer athlete to have gone to school at Hilo.

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