RUSD Music Departments Come Together


RUSD Band and Orchestra students from the middle and high schools gathered in the Blackhawk Theatre on Mar. 1, 2017. The Pre-Fest concert was constructed in order to give the students practice for their upcoming festival at Redlands High School on Mar. 8. This concert allows the bands to accept constructive criticism from 3 judges, Todd Montemayor, Dr. Lloyd Sherman, and Robert Pressler, to aid their top-notch success at the festival.

The initial two performances came from the advanced bands at Clement and Beattie Middle School, respectively.The audience could almost feel the anticipation from the bands in between each song being released from the onstage students. Clement’s director, John Gann, and Beattie’s director, Curtiss Allen Jr., were able to conduct their young students with ease, and the children followed along very well with their director’s baton waves. After the middle school students were through, it was time for the high schoolers to shine.

Citrus Valley High School’s first performing band was their Symphonic, which consists of over 50 students. This band played 3 impeccably performed songs, with all students concentrating on their conductor and director, Austin Meiners, to keep tempo, and playing their long practiced notes to their top capability. After this band’s performance, Citrus Valley’s largest band, Wind Ensemble, performed. Once again, the audience was given a fantastic performance, being moved by the music filling the theater. Following this performance, Citrus’ final band, String Ensemble, finished the school’s time onstage. Following Citrus Valley High School, Redlands East Valley’s Orchestra, directed by Brian Hollett performed their set, finishing up the wonderful night full of beautiful music. 

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