REV participates in Science Olympiad


On Saturday, March 4, 2017 the annual Science Olympiad took place. The Science Olympiad is an annual event that hosts different teams from schools around the area. 

They have Division B and a Division C categories, for middle school students and high school students, respectively. Schools from Redlands that competed included Redlands East Valley and Moore Middle School. 

The event started at 7:30 in the early morning, while testing began at 8:30 later on. During the free time in between events, students were encouraged to spend time with one another while being able to watch launching of built objects and also had access to different snack vendors. 

Testing included subjects varying from Anatomy and Physiology to Rocks and Minerals. Students were encouraged to sign up for as many events as possible while being limited in the amount of seniors that each high school were allowed to take. 

Assembly events included building Electric Vehicles, Robotic Arms, and Towers with a high structural integrity. 

Overall at REV, notable achievements included 2nd Place in Electric Vehicle, 1st Place in Fermi Questions, and 2nd Place in Forensics. ​

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