Finding Neverland Sweeps Pantages Theater


The story of Peter Pan is a classic tale that has transcended time. The story of a boy who never grows up and his ragtag group of companions has taken different forms over the years and each bring a new and refreshing take to the original story. Most recently, the story can be seen in the musical Finding Neverland. According to the Finding Neverland website, it “is the Broadway musical that tells the fascinating story of how Peter became Pan.”

The story follows the author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, across his creative and personal struggles that led him to create the story of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. The musical is captivating at its peaks and heart wrenching at its lows.

As the musical progresses, the viewer gets to experience the struggles of being a once-successful playwright through the main character, gets to understand the loneliness a young boy feels through the character Peter, and gets to understand the inner turmoils through Captain Hook — who in this rendition is the representation of the main character’s bad thoughts and ideas.

The one thing that stands out from this musical is not the songs, although some are so catchy that you’ll be singing them out of the theater; nor is it the acting, although with an important cast of kids and the help of one loyal dog, being impressed with the acting abilities of everyone on stage is a given. But the main thing that leaves an impression is the visual direction and the way the stage is cleverly used. Some scenes really make the audience feel as if they’re in Neverland and the way items are alluded to is breathtaking.

Even though Peter Pan is a story that everyone has known since childhood, Finding Neverland is an innovative and eye-catching rendition that will entertain all audiences. Finding Neverland is playing at the Hollywood Pantages Theater until March 12.

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