CVHS Baseball Bounces Back

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​March 1  was the start of the season for the Citrus Valley High School Varsity Baseball. The first game was against Temescal Canyon High School. The Blackhawks lost with a score of 6-1. Cody Branstetter #43 was the only one to score in that game with the help of Cory Martinez #5 letting him run to home base after a good hit. On Thursday March 2, Citrus Valley had finally gotten a victory against Shadow Hills High School with a score of 20-3.  After Justin martinez #2 hit, everyone on the team had scored. Dylan Farris, a pitcher for CV baseball stated that he “Hope[s] that this year everyone locks in and competes as a whole. We all have the same goal of making it to playoffs and winning in championships. The drive needs to be extremely high in order for us be great this season.”

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