Summer School Soaks Up Cash

By Stephanie Aguilar

As next year registration ends, students are excited (or worried) about classes they will be taking this Fall. As some students gets to go on trips and sleep until one in the afternoon this summer, other students will be taking 5 hour classes at AAA Academy at Citrus Valley High School. The classes are $245 per semester or $515 for a full summer. This price is probably the most expensive to spend on high school summer classes next to a college textbook. Why is it that those who want to pursue more education, get a higher chance to get into a dream university, or to have room to take favored electives, must deal with burden of a high price in their parent’s wallets?  You can pay most of your senior activities with $515 or even get a pet who can be your best friend for life. Some students can afford the $515, however many students who come from low income families cannot even afford the $245 per semester. AAA Academy does offer scholarships for students from free or reduced lunch, but the chances of receiving a one full are not very high. The student is competing with a high amount  of students from three other high schools for a very limited amount of full scholarships. Not even a straight-A honors student with afterschool activities can acquire a full scholarship. From personal experience, with my 4.1 GPA, two sports, and community service, I only got a half scholarship in my summer of sophomore year.  At this point, you could only receive the half scholarship, or be on the waiting list. This is not a fair game to those who wanted to take these classes, so he or she may take advanced or favored classes in the Fall. AAA Academy should request the state or county for more funding in this program since its popularity is only going to grow. Including, expanding its program to other districts in the Inland Empire may reduce the flow of outer-district students going to the one in Redlands.  Also, to give out more full scholarships, so more low income students have a higher chance of getting in than getting hit by a coconut.    

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