Redlands East Valley’s Romero Shares Plans for Spring Break 

Redlands East Valley junior, Carlos Romero

Spring Break is just right around the corner and we all have different plans. Students plan to use this time to relieve themselves from the stress of school and spend time with friends and family. Some choose to stay up late all night and wake up past 12 in the afternoon. Others strive to run movie or TV show marathons on Netflix all day at the comfort of their home. There are also those who participate in clubs or activities that use all of spring break to train and stay active. Then there are the people who go out on trips to other countries, other states, or nearby locations. One such student is Carlos Romero, a REV junior, who I interviewed for his plans for Spring Break.

What are your plans for Spring Break?

A: “I’m going to Oregon to visit my friend Avner Shryer”

Q: Where will you being going in Oregon
A: “Portland”

Q: What do you hope to do in Oregon?
A: “Go hiking and see the beautiful nature.”

Q: Will you/Are you scared of anything during your travels?
A: “I am scared the wild animals will hurt me.”

Q: While on Spring Break, will the idea of school still stress you?
A: “No”

Q:Will you still be studying for?
A: “Yes, I still have to study for AP chem, lang, and us. Also, I have to study for my SAT in April and practice the piano.”

Q: What do you hope to accomplish while at Oregon?
A: See what it is like to be in another state and see my friend again.”

Q: How long since you last saw him?
A: “Since August.”

Q: Do you have any comments in general you would like to say?
A: “ I am going to miss my family while I am away.”

Q: How do you think you’ll feel during spring break?
A: “ I’m going to feel great, stress free, and have more time to spend.

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