Spring Break student-teacher trip across the Atlantic to Spain 


As a Spanish teacher, Citrus Valley High School’s very own Profe Fonken is leading students across Spain to visit and memorialize their visit there during Spring Break. She herself has visited many Spanish influenced countries in her former years. Many of which are located in Latin and Central America.

Q: What do you hope the students learn from the trip?
A: Cultural differences, appreciating diversity and not taking so much for granted. Also learning about art, food, and practicing Spanish. 

Q:What are you most excited to see on the trip?
A: Sevilla, where I studied in university. Bull farm learn about bullfighting. Cocina Espanola cook traditional food. Soccer game (Real Madrid).  

Q:What made you want to start this trip?
A: Many families can’t afford or take time to travel together, this is a way of experiencing the world outside of our bubble and expand the mind. 

Q: How did you help fundraise for the trip?
A: Letters of request for donations and recycling for funds.

Q: How many students are participating on this trip?
A: 16 students, 3 parents, and 3 teachers. Myself, Mrs. Muniz, and Mr. Caperton from RHS.

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