Lion Evokes Deep Emotion in Theaters 


​The poster might say that Dev Patel stars in the Oscar nominated film but the real star is the young Sunny Pawer who plays child Saroo. Telling the story of a young boy lost in the vast country of India the small boy steals the show with his emotional performance. It is mostly told through flashbacks of the older Saroo Brierley(Dev Patel) remembering his travels and homelessness as a young boy.

The story is incredible and definitely deserves the Oscar nomination for best picture. Although a bit slow at times the emotion of the story pulls it over the top. The other downside was that it felt like a google earth advertisement because the character Saroo, the one played by Dev Patel, uses it to find his family and hometown. But even that is easy to look over because the the incredible importance of it. The movie also has remarkable cinematography. The beautiful aerial shots of India, the handheld work in stressed situations and the uncomfortable stillness of it in emotional and uncomfortable talks bring the emotion of the characters onto the audience.

When talking about his background Saroo says “I’m adopted. I’m not really Indian.” This shows the intense but quiet struggle of Saroo being a foreigner in his home country and in the country he calls home, which everyone struggles with. When going to see Lion bring tissues and a sympathetic soul because both are needed to understand the impact of what the true story of Saroo means to the world in a time where it is increasingly difficult to find a place in the world.

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