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Column: Here’s the thing 

How Synergy Changed Me
​By David Mikhail

For most students at REV Feb 15 was just another routine school day. However for a select few, which I was fortunate enough to be amongst, it was a life-changing event. That is because on Feb 15 REV’s Link Crew, led by Kurt Bruich, hosted REV’s 4th annual Synergy. I without a single shred of doubt, can claim that the Synergy was one of the most beneficial and unique experiences that I have had. The one thing I want you to keep in mind as you read this article is that nothing I can write will come close, or do justice to, how life changing the Synergy event was.  

Synergy kicked off with games to act as icebreakers, that were followed by pairing people up and having them answer questions set by the Link Crew which, as time moved on, got more personal. Following that, five people shared poignant stories that influenced their lives. Next we played a game called cross the line, in which the game members would say a statement and you would cross the line if the statement applies to you.

All of this may sound like a waste of time, but it wasn’t. It was an eye opener. It opened my eyes to a number of people who suffer in silence while I sit Idly by. I learned how to be a good listener, not through a powerpoint, but through experience. It was a wake-up call to show me how selfish I was, and a demonstration as to how little my knowledge stretched when it came to knowing those who make up my community, school, and classes.
To put it briefly, if I were to summarize the Synergy in one sentence it would be: “I have had more impactful experiences before, I just can’t remember when.”

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