Month: March 2017

Column: Just Speaking My Truth

One a Day By LAURYN BEST ​It is common for everyone to get self-conscious from time to time. Whether it’s because of an outfit they’re wearing for the first time, or a new haircut; we, as humans, can’t help but want to seek some form of validation from […]

CV and REV Read Across Redlands

By MICAELA PENALOZA On March 2 and 3, Citrus Valley High School visited Cram Elementary, Highland Grove Elementary and Arroyo Verde Elementary school. Redlands East Valley High School also visited Mariposa Elementary, Judson and Brown Elementary, Mentone Elementary and Victoria Elementary. Primarily student athletes were the participants from […]

Military Academy Presentations

B y LAURYN BEST ​ Any underclassmen interested in attending a military academy but unsure where to start? The Tuesday after students return from Spring Break, March 28, a representative from Congressman Pete Aguilar’s office will give a detailed presentation on what it takes to attend these prestigious […]

AAA Academy Offers Summer School Options

By CAITLIN MILLER ​ Students from Redlands East Valley High School, Citrus Valley High School, or Redlands High School can start signing up for the Redlands Unified School District summer school opportunity, AAA Academy. AAA Academy is available to all Redlands Unified School District students who have completed […]

RUSD High Schools Offer Free SAT Prep

By CAITLIN MILLER ​ The Princeton Review SAT class was made available for free to students of the Redlands Unified School District. Sixty spots were open at each school for students at Redlands East Valley, Citrus Valley, or Redlands High School. All juniors in the Redlands Unified School […]

Proposed Budget Seeks Increase in Cuts

By CAMERON KROETZ ​ The first budget proposal that has come out of the Trump Administration’s Office of Management and Budget seeks to increase Defense spending by $54 billion, nearly a 10% increase. President Trump formally announced this budget increase by saying, “[the budget plan] will include a […]

High School Students Read Across America

By MICAELA PENELOZA ​ On March 2 & 3, Citrus Valley high school visited Cram elementary, Highland Grove elementary and Arroyo Verde elementary school. Redlands East Valley high school also visited Mariposa elementary ,Judson and Brown elementary, Mentone elementary and Victoria elementary. Primarily student athletes were the participants […]

REV participates in Science Olympiad

By TIM LEE On Saturday, March 4, 2017 the annual Science Olympiad took place. The Science Olympiad is an annual event that hosts different teams from schools around the area.  They have Division B and a Division C categories, for middle school students and high school students, respectively. […]

RUSD Music Departments Come Together

By AHLORA SMITH ​ RUSD Band and Orchestra students from the middle and high schools gathered in the Blackhawk Theatre on Mar. 1, 2017. The Pre-Fest concert was constructed in order to give the students practice for their upcoming festival at Redlands High School on Mar. 8. This […]

CVHS Baseball Bounces Back

(function(jQuery) { function init() { wSlideshow.render({elementID:”793361476761430005″,nav:”none”,navLocation:”bottom”,captionLocation:”bottom”,transition:”fade”,autoplay:”1″,speed:”5″,aspectRatio:”auto”,showControls:”true”,randomStart:”false”,images:[{“url”:”5/9/1/0/59106143/img-1124.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”266″},{“url”:”5/9/1/0/59106143/img-1109.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”266″},{“url”:”5/9/1/0/59106143/img-1023.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”266″},{“url”:”5/9/1/0/59106143/img-1079_1.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”266″},{“url”:”5/9/1/0/59106143/img-1046_1.jpg”,”width”:”400″,”height”:”266″},{“url”:”5/9/1/0/59106143/img-0999.jpg”,”width”:400,”height”:266,”fullHeight”:733,”fullWidth”:1100},{“url”:”5/9/1/0/59106143/img-0995.jpg”,”width”:400,”height”:266,”fullHeight”:733,”fullWidth”:1100}]}) } jQuery ? jQuery(init) : document.observe(‘dom:loaded’, init) })(window._W && _W.jQuery) By MICAELA PENALOZA ​March 1  was the start of the season for the Citrus Valley High School Varsity Baseball. The first game was against Temescal Canyon High School. The Blackhawks lost with […]

REV’s Sergio Hipolito Commits to Hilo

By MICAELA PENALOZA ​Redlands East Valley soccer player Sergio Hipolito committed to University of Hawaii at Hilo with a full ride scholarship. Sergio is also known as Checkito or Checko from many family members and friends. He has been playing soccer with his grandpa’s team since the age […]

Wizard of Oz opens brightly

By CAROLINE IRVING The set is up, the makeup is done, the lights are dimmed, and the orchestra tunes. The hearts of actors and musicians alike beat excitedly. The opening plays with wild fervor as each orchestra member is eager to showcase the culmination of endless practice over […]

EPA Budget Cuts Cause Strife

By Caroline Irving ​Last week’s announcement of proposed budgetary cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency joins a slew of stomach-churning actions that have environmentalists bracing for what is to come in the Trump administration. The Washington Post reported that the White House is looking to cut the Environmental […]

Summer School Soaks Up Cash

By Stephanie Aguilar As next year registration ends, students are excited (or worried) about classes they will be taking this Fall. As some students gets to go on trips and sleep until one in the afternoon this summer, other students will be taking 5 hour classes at AAA […]

Column: Here’s the thing 

How Synergy Changed Me ​By David Mikhail For most students at REV Feb 15 was just another routine school day. However for a select few, which I was fortunate enough to be amongst, it was a life-changing event. That is because on Feb 15 REV’s Link Crew, led […]