Ethic Viewpoint: Should Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resign?

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Column: Just Speaking My Truth

One a Day By LAURYN BEST ​It is common for everyone to get self-conscious from time to time. Whether it’s because of an outfit they’re wearing for the first time, or a new haircut; we, as humans, can’t help but want to seek some form of validation from one another. While the phrase “don’t judge […]

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CV and REV Read Across Redlands

By MICAELA PENALOZA On March 2 and 3, Citrus Valley High School visited Cram Elementary, Highland Grove Elementary and Arroyo Verde Elementary school. Redlands East Valley High School also visited Mariposa Elementary, Judson and Brown Elementary, Mentone Elementary and Victoria Elementary. Primarily student athletes were the participants from the high schools. Lauren Loeb, a senior […]

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Military Academy Presentations

B y LAURYN BEST ​ Any underclassmen interested in attending a military academy but unsure where to start? The Tuesday after students return from Spring Break, March 28, a representative from Congressman Pete Aguilar’s office will give a detailed presentation on what it takes to attend these prestigious academies. Students must sign up in the […]

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