Battlefield 1 Creates an Enjoyable Experience



Battlefield 1 is a game published by Electronic Arts and was Developed by EA DICE. The game takes place during WWI and starts the Campaign off introducing you to what war was like during the early 1900’s. The player starts off with one character and as they die it switches to different characters and one by one it cycles through all of the different types of soldiers putting the player in different positions.

The campaign then continues on to show you five different stories that occur in WWI and it ends with a thanks to soldiers who fought in wars. Once the player has completed the campaign they can continue onto multiplayer. Multiplayer is quite different than single player. Multiplayer has many game modes, the most popular involving a defending and attacking side. The way mode the mode works is by havinga team that defends multiple sectors and a team that tries to attack and claim each sector to try and win the game. The defenders win if they have at least 1 sector left at the end of the game.

In multiplayer there are 4 different classes you can choose from. The four classes are Assault, Medic, Support and Scout. Each class also has their own types of weapons. The assault class has machine guns and shotguns, Medic has rifles, Support has heavy machine guns and Scout has bolt action snipers. There are an array of vehicles and weapons that you can use as well such as a few types of early WWI tanks, Armored cars, AA guns, Field Guns which is basically just a cannon, horses, a few different types of early WWI planes and armored trains. Other weapons includes mustard gas and napalm. With these effects in game play it creates a war like experience for you to sit back and enjoy and interact with. The game sells for $60.00 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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