High School Choirs Sing at University of Redlands


The University of Redlands hosted their eighth annual High School Chamber Choir Festival on Feb. 23, 2017. The program started off with the University of Redlands Bel Canto and the University of Redlands Chapel Singers each showcasing collegiate level choral pieces. The eleven high school choral groups that attended came from all over Southern California and even from as far as Northern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. They performed three to four pieces each and were adjudicated by experienced judges. Each choir received comments to help make improvements and be successful as singers. Redlands East Valley High School’s East Valley Singers and Citrus Valley High School’s Lumiere de Chanson were among the many talented groups to perform chamber style music in many different languages including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, and Latin. There were no awards given out, however all the high school students were able to perform and listen to other students and groups doing what they love. The University of Redlands High School Chamber Choir Festival was an educational and inspirational experience for everyone involved.

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