A Dog’s Purpose Evokes Emotion in Audiences


A Dog’s Purpose is a film which follows a dog who personally goes by Bailey as they are reincarnated as multiple canines and lives multiple lives over 5 decades. Through these lives Bailey is determined to understand his existence and his point in life. The movie is all based on a comedic novel by W. Bruce Cameron to explain the dog’s perspective in human companionship. The movie is, in the end, a very hallmark feel good movie but do note that it contains very strong emotional stressors. Also these sorrowful moments are usually due to one of the moments Bailey gets hurt or dies, and the movie really makes the audience feel empathy for the dog. The film shows alcoholism, dog abuse, and heartbreaking moments. This is what leads to the films message in overcoming adversity and finding meaning in the happy moments in life. The film is told through the dog’s thoughts which adds a comedic value to the movie. Though some might think this tones down the movie’s validity through storytelling, it can be seen the other way as a good plot with a strong message told in a creative style. It is important to know that this is not a typical dog film. It has very emotional points in the plot which can be quite disheartening for children, but it promotes a strong message. In the end, it is still a classic feel-good movie.

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