Orangewood Starts New Fitness Club


At Orangewood High School there is a new activity called the Fitness Club. It first began Thursday, Jan. 26 and helped begin a new start for 2017. This was created to complete athletic goals for students and staff of Orangewood High. This program is to help provide new physical ways to stay fit and healthy. So far, the program has been running successfully and is managing well.

The program is managed by the Blue Cross Athletics Team, Redlands University, and the Redlands Police Department. The club is scheduled every Thursday for the next 11 weeks. The students and staff that attended the program were overjoyed to see that the instructors were extremely motivated to help students and staff get to their potential goals of 2017. They also provided all types of equipment ranging from cowbells and pull up bars, to kettlebells and stability balls; it also included many more different physical supplies.

The class begins right after school from 1:45 to 2:45, every Thursday of each week through the rest of the school year. The fitness club consists of three fitness instructors that are also involved in the police force and some students and staff that come along from Redlands University. Every week there is a new unit of movement that consists of different body workouts, so that every time you come it is a different routine. At the end of the program, the participants stretch out and talk about different ways that they can help themselves start a new lifestyle of living.

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