CVHS Girl’s Soccer Ends Their Season


The 2017 soccer season has been a whirlwind of emotions for the soccer girls. Due to their recent loss (3-0), at Quartz Hills High School, they will not be moving forward. As the varsity captains look back on the season they are happy to have spent their last season on the field with such a tight-knit group of girls.

While they are devastated with the recent loss, they are happy to have so many memories with each other. Captain Natalie Barret believes that this has been “One of [their] stronger seasons” and if they keep the same tradition of “Working hard [while also] having fun” they will keep moving forward with many wins.

​The senior varsity girls hope to leave behind the mentality of teamwork along with their love for soccer. Varsity Captain Savannah Giles hopes that the next team understands that everyone has their own set of skills and abilities but the most important thing is to learn how to bring them together and work as a team.

Even though these girls will miss all the pasta feeds, rival school games, and fun practices, they are happy to be on this team and to have spent their time with so many girls they consider family.

Q & A with Varsity Captains Natalie Barret and Savannah Gile

Q: What did you expect going into your last year of high school soccer?
 I expected it to be a very competitive season.

Q: How do you think this season went?
This season was one of our stronger seasons even though we should’ve won more games the better team doesn’t always win.
Gile: This season went okay I believe we could’ve pushed ourselves a little more to do better.

Q: What were your best games?
Our best games were our rival games. 

Q: What would you like to leave behind for the next group of girls (or what do you hope to leave the next group of soccer girls?)
I want to leave behind the tradition of working hard and having fun. You only get to play this game for a short amount of time, make the most of it. 
Gile: I’d like the younger girls to know that you may have individual talent but soccer is a team sport so try to have a good team bond.

Q: What was, in your opinion, the best moments for the team?
Barret: I think I’m going to miss the pasta feeds and the team bonding the most. These girls are family to me,& I’m going to miss them!
Gile: The best moment we had as a team was our last “fun practice.”

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