Column: Aspire to Reach Positivity


Nowadays I feel like everyone is spending most of their time looking at what anybody and everybody else has that they don’t. For example say that you are an amazing actor and you’ve had a great performance. But you read in a review that your co-stars happened to have a better performance. In response you end up thinking to yourself that maybe you weren’t as good as you thought, or that they were better at it entirely. And that can be pretty problematic for most people, myself included.

While you are so busy thinking about the things others can do better that you can’t do then you are missing out on your opportunities. Because while you are so caught up on your co-star you would be missing out on talking to the audience that enjoyed your performance. Keep in mind that even when you do get caught up you shouldn’t be so quick to start putting others down. It’s ok to feel envious against others, but sometimes it doesn’t help you become a better person.

The thing is that while you are focused on what you don’t have or what you can’t do you are losing in your own battle with what’s going on. Surely that small problem isn’t the most of your worries, and if it is then I think you have it pretty good. You have to realize that everybody is at a different point and time in their lives and maybe you just aren’t there yet. So I think that we should all stop trying to be in constant competition and worry about ourselves and what we need / want to achieve in order to better ourselves.

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