Yu-Gi-Oh: Dark Side of Dimensions Exceeds Expectations


Yugioh is an old anime that has had many different but equally entertaining series through the years, but this movie tops all of them put together. It is a quality movie with plenty of dueling and action packed suspense. It starts with an excavation in Egypt for an item known as the millennium puzzle for a man named Seto Kaiba, so he can bring it back and duel a pharaoh known by the name of Atem.  He must do this to earn his rightful title as “King of Games” which was taken from him 2 years prior by the pharaoh in the Battle City tournament. He wants to earn the title back, but a year before a young high schooler named Yugi Muto defeated the Pharaoh in a duel and sent the pharaoh to the spirit world where he belonged. Seto Kaiba finally found the puzzle and tries to assemble it, but a character named Aigami takes the last 2 pieces needed to complete it. Aigami gives one piece to his younger sister who gives it to Yugi for safe keeping. Kaiba then holds a tournament to get the pieces and battle the pharaoh, but as the the battle began Yugi revealed that the pharaoh was gone and wasn’t coming back. Kaiba assumed he was lying and tried to end the duel. In my opinion on the movie was a 10/10 due to the fact that it had a great storyline and the likeness to the characters from years ago. All in all it was a great movie

Categories: A&E

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