Sing movie entertains


The movie Sing, produced by Illumination Entertainment, was released on Dec. 21, 2016 and was a pretty good movie to end the year with for animated movies. The film is about a koala named Buster Moon (Matthew Mcconaughey) and his goal is to revive his dying theater that hasn’t had a hit show in years. This time around his newest idea is a singing competition with a grand prize of “$100,000”. This movie had certain elements that stood out, from the plot, variety of characters, and soundtrack.

This film had a huge range of characters, such as Meena the elephant with an amazing voice who suffers from stage fright (Tori Kelly), Johnny the gorilla (Taron Egerton) who enjoys singing and has no desire to be a part of his father’s gang of thieves, and Mike the mouse (Seth Macfarlane) and many others. Something that the film does well with it’s characters is bringing out certain emotions for certain characters or anger/annoyance with other’s. For instance Meena is a very likable character because one might feel that she is a relatable character or another example would be Mike whose actions might cause you to dislike him. Even characters that aren’t very important to the story make for likable characters.

Something else that the film does very well is keeping good pacing. The plot definitely keeps audiences entertained and delivers a proper story in it’s one hour and 48 minute timeframe. Following the main characters and their lives was nice because you get to see what motivates their actions, such as Johnny and his father’s relationship or Mike and his “big” problems. By the end of the film one might find themselves attached to the characters.

The film also contains a very well put soundtrack. The film includes songs such as Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing by Stevie Wonder, Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and many other songs included. Besides it’s characters and plot, a movie titled “Sing” should include good music and singing. The cast did an amazingly good job singing songs by some of the artist mentioned above. And it delivers to the audience a movie worth the time to watch it. If you get a chance to watch Sing you should definitely check it out. It just might have you singing along in your seat with the characters.

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