CV teachers score high in laughs in annual Comedy Sportz Match



​Citrus Valley High School’s Comedy Sportz team had their first, and biggest, match of the semester on Feb 3, 2017 — the annual Teacher Match.

Every year, loads of students show up to watch their favorite teachers battle it out with the students to see who can gain the most laughs and applause from the audience, and this year was no different. The two weeks prior to the big match, the teachers had been training hard to learn their games.

Following the usual Junior Varsity Comedy Sportz match, the educators prepare themselves for battle.  

In the first half, the participating teachers were Integrated Math III H teacher Elena Smith, Latin teacher Maggie De La Cruz, AP English Language teacher Karen Alexander, and their captain AP English literature teacher Ken McGrath.

This set of teachers learned the games “What Are You Doing,” “Emotional Symphony,”  “Spelling Bee,” and “Expert Challenge” for the first half of the match. The half’s opener game was “What Are You Doing,” where the players are given a topic from the audience that they have to follow with entertaining actions, supplied by suggestions from the opposing team.

The teachers successfully won this game. Because his team had won, Captain McGrath was able to choose which game his team would play first. He chose “Emotional Symphony,” which is a game where the team stands in a line at the front of the stage and each player is assigned an emotion. The referee then conducts this “symphony” in which the players vocally express their given emotion. Each of the teachers’ emotions were very unique and hilarious, making the whole audience roar with laughter.
In round two of team games, the teachers decided to play “Spelling Bee.” This game consists of the team standing in one unit line, shoulder to shoulder, in the playing field, and spelling out an audience-given word letter by letter. The game starts with a simple word, such as cat, and progressively the words get more complex and longer, one example being juxtaposition. No matter how difficult the word, the team must work together to get it spelled. The teachers very enthusiastically spelled out each word, even under the eyes of their most loyal students.

For the closing game of the first half, the teams played “Expert Challenge,” a game where every player on the field is an expert on a certain subject and gets to challenge the other team on what they state. After this game, the winners for the first half was announced, and it was the teachers.

The second half’s teachers were band instructor Austin Meiners, English Language Development teacher Maria Deveau, Spanish teacher Trini Saldana-Platt, and their captain theatre teacher Elena Villa, theatre teacher. Their opening game was “What You Got?” where the teams go into an epic battle to do actions with their “posse” and win by being the team with the least amount of rotations.
 The teachers decided to choose “Yearbook” for their first team game. “Yearbook” is a game where the audience recommends a club that you can possibly find on campus, but normally would not. Each player gives an explanation for how they are involved in this club. This match’s club was the Biking Club. The most memorable explanation was, Elena Villa’s, who misheard the suggestion, thinking it was the Viking Club, and had a whole scenario on how she accidentally joined the club.
The final closing game was a pun game called “185,” a game in which the players are given an object that they must play in a constructed joke, making a pun about the object in the process.

Although CV teachers gave the most valiant of efforts, the students pulled through at the end and won the match. 
   Elena Smith playing What Are You Doing as her teammates and Michael Lerma watching.
                                                   Ken McGrath displaying his given emotion
       ​    Austin Meiners and the rest of the teachers asking the other team, “What You Got!?”

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