Brief: Citrus Valley clinches game against Yucaipa


On Feb. 2, the Citrus Valley Blackhawks went up against the Yucaipa Thunderbirds in a basketball conference game that was sure to be a classic.

The game started off slow with both teams holding it down on the defensive end, but when the second half started things began to change.

The Blackhawks, led by Mateo Blocker, started gaining momentum on offense and pushed their lead to 12 at one point. However, Yucaipa made a defensive and offensive run and tied the game heading into the fourth quarter. It was a back and forth game; but, in the end the Citrus Offense was too much for Yucaipa and Citrus Valley won the game 50-43. Mateo Blocker led all scorers with 21 points, 12 rebounds, and 3 assists.

With the win over Yucaipa, Citrus Valley’s record now stands at 12-13 while Yucaipa’s record is now 15-10. ​

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