University of Redlands acquires new Bulldogs


On Wed., Feb. 1, Citrus Valley High School seniors Mark Rossi and Tristan Nichols both committed to playing football at the University of Redlands.

Rossi started his football career during his freshman year and played as a varsity player starting his sophomore year. He is a student athlete who participates in many school clubs and sports. Rossi states, “I am extremely excited to be a Redlands Bulldog and look forward to winning a lot of games, including a national championship, and ultimately furthering my academic knowledge.”

Nichols has played football for many years and is very excited to play with his two close friends, Mark Rossi and Nathan Martinez. Nichols states, “I am very excited to start a new life for myself and continue playing the sport I love, football obviously, while making new friends and gaining an amazing education to set up my future career.”

​Both young men are highly anticipating  becoming bulldogs and playing for the U of R.

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