Wildcats prepare for Wizard of Oz production


This year at Redlands East Valley, the performing arts department is putting on their second consecutive spring musical. The drama, choral, and instrumental music departments come together to put on the best show possible for students and adults. This year, they are producing the classic musical “Wizard of Oz.” The cast, teachers, and many others have put a lot of work in so far in order to prepare. Isaac Roberts, a freshman flute player in the pit band, says that soon “the pit will be working with the rest” of the cast, and that “[t]he opening song is coming along really well” for the band; they have made “quite a bit of progress so far.” Sydney Prybycien, one of the cast members, tells that “the show is coming along very well; as of today, we have finished all our blocking, and the set is getting painted,” and “the flowers [on the set] are quite beautiful!” When asked what she is most excited for, Sydney, who plays the Wicked Witch of the West, says she is “most excited to work with the band. There is nothing quite like having live music; it adds to the magic of theatre. Oh yeah, and dying for the first time on stage.”

The Wizard of Oz production will be open to an audience on March 2, 3, 4, and 5.

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