Pete Aguilar to Run College Workshop


On Nov. 8, Pete Aguilar won the re-election to his seat in the 31st district against Paul Chabot. On Sat. Feb 18 the fruits of this election’s results will be demonstrated, as Aguilar will be hosting a FAFSA and college affordability workshop. He will be doing this in order to assist and aid students and their families ahead of the March 2 deadline. Aguilar is very passionate about making college more affordable, because, along with his brother, he was the first in his family to attend college and he could only afford to do so with the help of a Pell Grant and part-time jobs. In order to support his cause, he introduced the Grace Period Alleviation act, which eases the financial burden on students by extending their loans’ grace period and eliminating interest on it. Amongst the attendants will be Patricia Aguilera from CSUSB who will attend to answer questions that parents and students may have about the FAFSA application process, and any other questions concerning loans. The Workshop will be held at the San Bernardino Valley college and will have a duration of 3 hours, from 9:00 Am to 11:00 Am.

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