Lunch Lines Cause Conflict


Ever since elementary school, there has always been a lunch line. At school, there are students that pay for their lunch and there are some that do not. Every student that wants lunch all have to get in line, and the first ones in line usually get the better food. 

I find it unfair that the students that pay for their lunch can end up with the least desired meal. There should be a system that lets students who pay for their lunch be able to get in the cafeteria more quickly to get their lunch like fast passes in amusement parks. 

For example, students who pay for their lunch could get a pass that would allow them to go to the cafeteria faster. Another example would be to allow students to have a sticker at the back of their student ID card that they can show to allow them to pass the line. To acquire a pass, the school could distribute their passes before the school year starts at process when students come in to pick up their schedule and textbooks. 

Lastly, during lunch, students can show the security guards their pass to allow them to enter the cafeteria to get their lunch.

During my freshmen year at REV, a security guard had to watch over my class while the teacher was out. For being good, he gave my entire class lunch passes which even permitted the pass holder to take one friend with them. It was so simple, one just had to show the security guard at front of the line their pass and they just walk in without waiting in line. From my personal observation, it did not cause an impediment in the lunch lines nor did anyone complain. There are less students who pay for their lunch that line up so, giving them passes would not cause a big problem.

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