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Editor’s Letter

By Alexis Chavez

When most people think of Valentine’s Day they think of love and appreciation for one’s spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend. When I think of Valentine’s day, I think of love for humanity. Especially during 2017 and one of the first acts that the President has done is put a ban on citizens from 7 countries. The worst thing about this to me is that in almost 2 decades, terrorists that have put attacks out in the U.S. for the muslim religion are not from any of these countries. In school we learn history in hopes of not repeating it. It almost feels like it is human nature to .. as a species, not as individuals, to keep making the same mistakes. Fear tends to bring out the worst in people but isn’t it the fear that many terrorist groups use as propaganda to motivate their followers? And I respectfully acknowledge the reason behind why some people support Trump for this ban. But plucking specific countries from a flock of Muslim nations that appears to only due to religion hurts my heart and doesn’t feel like the spirit of love and compassion.
I remember reading in 8th grade ¨Under The Red-Blood Sun¨ in English and it described the story of a boy in Hawaii, who happened to be Japanese during the time of the Pearl Harbor bombings and his mother told him to go put on his boy scout uniform to prove they are citizens and he is a born-citizen in effort that they wouldn’t need to be taken away from their home and into a camp. But despite their efforts All Japanese were persecuted and sent to the camps. And it confuses me to why we read these in school but keep repeating prejudice mistakes. America itself was founded on as a safe haven from religious persecution in Europe. Europe even physically fought for 100 years over religion. We ourselves are a  nation of immigrants from every corner of the world. Maybe my view is too liberal for some, but as a Spanish, Mexican, Native-American female, I know what radical fear and anger does to the powerful.. and history has showed me the results of it.

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