3 Ways To Make a Valentine’s Day Card


​Valentine’s Day is celebrated by almost all people around the world as a day of love.  A common tradition on this day is to get a loved one something special to show how much they are appreciated. These gestures can range all the way from a simple card to an extravagant bouquet of flowers. But now that simple card, or “the last second gift”, has been reborn as a thoughtful, meaningful representation of one’s love for another.     

1. One creative way to make your own Valentine’s day gift is to create a personalized pen. First you should have three colored post its. Then you pinch each post it at the center and layer them on top of one another. After layering you should end up with a multicolored rose. Once you have your rose you should staple the center to hold the papers together. Then place you rose as you wish on any pen and either tape or twirl with pipe cleaners around the pen.

2. Another way to personalize your gift is to create a heart-shaped card.  First draw a large heart on a colored paper of your choice. Then draw a slightly smaller heart on another colored paper. Lastly draw an even smaller heart in another color. Then place the largest heart down and  glue the medium heart on top of the first one. After this step you glue the smallest heart in the center. Lastly you can write your personalized, heartfelt message for a loved one.                    
3. One final way to make a card for Valentine’s is to once again make a large heart and a smaller heart to glue on the center. Then paste this heart shape inside of a folded piece of paper. Once it is glued and dried you can create artistic touches and touching messages to brighten up the card.
Overall Valentine’s day is a national day of showing one’s gratitude to another. These cards are just some ideas to brighten your loved one’s day and show them how much they mean to you. Remember your personal touches are the one’s that mean the most so don’t leave anything out. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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