REV Boy’s Soccer Looks to Continue Past Success


Redlands East Valley High School’s boys varsity soccer team has been CBL champions since 2014. They are continuing their strive to another CBL championship after recently becoming CIF champions. However, their success also came a series of challenges and tribulations. Being at a state level rank of 4 and a national level rank of 13, the wildcats have a metaphorical target on their backs in which they keep in mind each and every single game they play. Each school in the Wildcat’s division have set a goal to beat them in order to either go up in rankings or for bragging rights. This is mainly caused by the wildcats being number 1 in CBL and last year’s CIF champions.

Earlier this season the boys had a rival match with Redlands High School in which they were dished out their first tie with a score of 1-1; this had also been the first time the wildcats did not score at least 2 points within a game. This tie was a “wake-up call” for the boys. It was time to kick it into gear, buckle down, and get serious.

Each teammate took it upon themselves to take some of the blame for the tie and had something positive to say about the outcome the game. Justin Litchfield, varsity center midfielder and captain this year had said, “Even though it was disappointing to have tied with RHS, since being a rival game I could guarantee we will be much better at the next game, and it’s nothing we can’t bounce back from.” Nick Perez, forward right wing and captain, has been a part of the varsity program since his freshman year, and says “The RHS game was a ‘hiccup’, we have one each year we play and after that we usually start to win each game by a substantial amount. I have faith in my teammates.”  

The team seems to be very diligent when it comes to working towards their success and many titles. They all rely on each other in order to become successful and effective team. With this attitude, they believe they will make it to becoming not only CBL but also CIF champions.

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