CVHS Sports Score Updates


While students at Citrus Valley High School got the luxury to get a nice break from school during winter, the athletes had a different story. Over the break, Boys Varsity Basketball played a total of 6 games, going 2-4 with wins against Bellarmine-Jeffer, and Carter but losses from Saddleback Valley, Yucaipa, Eisenhower, and La Quinta. Girls Varsity Basketball also played 7 games during break and had a overall record of 3-3 with wins against Joshua Springs, Banning, and Carter but also losses against Walnut, Victor Valley, and Carter. Boys Varsity Soccer played 4 games during break and had a record of 3-1 with victories against JW North, Ontario, and Cajon and a loss against Carter. Varsity Girls Soccer played 3 games setting a record of 2-1 winning against JW North, and Carter but losing against Cajon. Girls Varsity Water Polo only had two games during break going 1-1 overall with a win against Carter and a loss from Cajon. Those are the final score updates for CVHS over the break.

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