Citrus Valley celebrates winter with the arts


Christmas is a joyful time when the world is jolly and peaceful, and families come together to celebrate. The arts departments at Citrus Valley High School came together to form two nights packed full of festive fun to celebrate the holidays. The groups included in these performances are the three levels of theatre- beginning, intermediate, and advanced- intermediate and advanced women’s choirs, men’s choir, and advanced mixed choir, and all the different bands on campus.

The first night of performances consisted of one out of the two beginning theatre classes, intermediate theatre, the two women’s choirs, and advanced mixed choir. In Act 1, the choirs performed in between two scenes Ms. Elena Villa provided to her beginning theatre students to perform; these scenes together included the entirety of the class. Choir had a mix of a capella songs and songs with a piano accompanist, with some featured soloists in a few of the songs. The second act had intermediate theatre performing The Merrie Christmas Show, a collection of festive Christmas stories all put into one, with advanced mixed choirś performances lacing in with the stories. The stories that were in the show included King Karl and the Lamprey Pie, Rupert the Elf, and Simon and the Cat and Duck. All the performers appeared one last time in the grand finale where they sang a medley of Jingle Bells and O Come Let Us Adore Him, closing out the show with an energetic, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS.”

The second night featured men’s choir in the first act, instead of the women’s choirs. They also sang an array of songs with and without accompaniment. These choirs all are directed by Mrs. Kim Anaya over all separate periods. The second act was essentially the same as the first night’s, except the Merrie Christmas Show was performed by advanced theatre, and it was staged differently from intermediate theatre’s production.

Both nights also had the school’s large array of different bands performing, with the first act bands having their own individual slots, and the main second act band being accompaniment to show choir. All bands were conducted by Mr. Austin Meiners, the campus’ main band instructor.

Citrus Valley’s third annual Winter Extravaganza was exactly as the name promised, a tremendous celebration leaving no audience member disappointed. It reminded both performers and spectators of the joys that the holidays bring and how we as people can contribute to bringing those joys to the ones we love. If you happened to be able to see the show, you were most definitely lucky, and as for those who did not get the chance to watch, don’t worry, there will be an even bigger and better celebration this December.

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